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Property owners sometimes feel like they are in the driver’s seat and don’t have to respect the rights of tenants. I assure you that is not the case. That’s why the Law Office of Steven W. Smollens has provided powerful tenant representation since 1976.

The days of landlords pushing renters around has long since ended. As a tenant, you have strong federal and state legislation behind you that ensures you will be treated fairly. The Fair Housing Act provides protections against discrimination based on race, gender, orientation and disability. Everyone has a right to fair treatment and suitable housing and I have dedicated my practice to ensuring that you enjoy the full protection of the law.

The most common reason that tenants seek help is when they face eviction. There are many cases where landlords try to force occupants out through harassment and intimidation. These are serious departures from the law and may violate your rights. If you are encountering this type of abuse from a property owner, document the incidents and contact my office immediately. This type of unlawful conduct is unacceptable and Steven Smollens will help you gain the full protection of the courts.

Other landlords try to manipulate the legal system and gain unjust evictions. They may have discriminatory or ulterior motives such as selling the property or raising the rent. Claims of unpaid rent or disruptive behavior on your part must be proven and having a tenant attorney argue your case in court can prove beneficial to stopping an unwarranted eviction attempt.

Renters should also keep in mind that the tenant-landlord relationship runs both ways. Property owners and building superintendents have a lawful obligation to make necessary repairs and general maintenance. If you report things such as faulty heating systems or leaking pipes, these problems must be addressed in a timely fashion. Repainting chipping walls or refinishing worn out floors are also reasonable maintenance requests to make as a tenant. You are paying rent for reasonably decent living space and as a consumer you should get your money’s worth.

At the end of the day, you deserve fair treatment as a tenant and state and federal law have long-held protections in place. My practice focuses on protecting the rights of everyday people from the abuses of landlords. If you need a tenant attorney, call the Manhattan Law Office of Steven W. Smollens for a consultation.

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